DSSG Fee Clarification and Registration Update

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DSSG Fee Clarification and Registration Update

Post by Bsimon » Tue Sep 15, 2020 4:14 pm

Registrations are coming in, many from beyond the PAS. We are now up to 14 and we are 8 weeks out from the beginning of the DSSG. Last year, a non-Covid year, we stood at just 17 at 3 weeks out from our start date.

I say this as a caution particularly since we are limiting registration this year as we have to keep bunk house reservations below actual capacity as we have to distance as best we can. We will probably be able to have bunk space for somewhere between 24 and 30 in the bunk houses (the number is variable as some families may be ok with filling up a bunk room more than what we can allow if occupants are un-related). If anyone waits to long to register for bunk space it may not be available and your options are then limited to staying off-site or in a tent, rv or camper.

On another point -------

As most who have attended before know, we do have a fee reduction this year and that is primarily due to COVID. The registration fee in recent years has been $35 per person or $45 per couple or family. This year it was reduced to $10 per person (couples pay individually, so $20 per couple, with no increase beyond that for a family).

All other fees are turned over to Carol/White Horse. Be it bunk fees or for tent spots or rv/camper spots. If we do any meals (likely we will do an evening meal and that will be pay as you go. I will ask for a head count later.

The clarification I need to make is in regard to DAY USE FEES. This is a fee paid by any registrant who attends but either comes and leaves on any day or days. Typically this will impact anyone coming in for one day and/or evening. It also applies to anyone staying off-site. Remember even if you are not reserving and paying for lodging of any kind you will have rest room facilities, and electricity available to you, not to mention use of the field to set up equipment. The $10 "Day Use" fee is per day.

If you are paying for lodging of any kind at White Horse (bunk space or for a tent, camper or rv space). You do not pay the Day Use Fee. However if you elect to stay on-site in your vehicle overnight, you should be paying the day use fee. We need to support White Horse, it has been a very tough year for them.

Note- registration fees stay with the DSSG, all other fees go to White Horse.

If anyone needs a registration form emailed to them, please let me know.

Barry Simon

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Re: DSSG Fee Clarification and Registration Update

Post by Bsimon » Sat Sep 19, 2020 7:40 pm

Registrations are now up to 20. Reminder, we are limiting attendance this year due Covid. Our bunkhouse limit is in the 24 to 30 range (depending on if we get a family or group that may be comfortable in increasing bunkhouse capacity to normal capacity). Anyway here is the list thru today's mail delivery. Don't wait too long, as we could reach our limit within a few weeks.

1 Miele, John
2 Gaddy, Kenneth
3 Simon, Barry
4 Morris, Joseph
5 Brocksmith, Donald
6 Walter, Matt
7 Withrow, Kate
8 Wright, Steven
9 Best, Jeff
10 Roberts, Corey
11 Hale, David
12 Kern, David
13 Kern, Clariza
14 Smith, Forrest
15 Philpot, Len
16 Sarrat, Walter
17 Martinez, John
18 Siekmann, Vicki
19 Shirkey, Bryan
20 Harrison, Steve

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