This Saturday at the DSSG

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This Saturday at the DSSG

Post by Bsimon » Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:20 am

Saturday is looking good for the DSSG. A few of you have reserved for one or more days with your last night scheduled for Friday and likely departure on Saturday morning. While we cannot offer refunds, if you can, it may be wise to shift your dates one day to include Saturday with departure on Sunday. By doing that you will be able to get some observing in during your stay. For anyone wanting to do that, please let me know so I can let White Horse know as it could affect the meal count.

As I said, Saturday (right now) is looking like the one good day and night we will have. In addition our two big door prize drawings are on Friday (at 3 pm) and again on Saturday (at 3 pm). While all observing looks like it may just be on Saturday and Sunday morning - catch up on your sleep before hand and pull an all nightery on Saturday/Sunday.

Note - as I said before, we have over 40 door prizes to award. Collectively the value of our door prizes this year are over $2500.00. Due to lower registration receipts this year and the likelihood that I will have to use some of our registration receipts from this year to pay White Horse a supplemental payment to make up for our contractural shortfall, it is very unlikely that we will have quite a collection of prizes for next year. All prizes will be awarded this year and you have to be present to win.

For more information about this and many other subjects, please visit (and join) the DSSG Boards.

Barry Simon

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