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Lunar eclipse

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 3:16 pm
by Lmccormick
Sunday night will be a great night for a lunar eclipse. I plan on using a 4" f7.5 refractor with a Canon 50D in an attempt to make a time lapse of the eclipse. I'm looking for some advice about various settings. I should have good polar alignment and the Losmandy G8 Gemini has a lunar tracking speed so hopefully the tracking goes well. I plan on using an intervalometer set to snap a shot every 10 seconds. Is that a good rate?

I've looked up previous lunar photos I've taken, some during an eclipse and some not. The fully eclipsed moon shots were taken with a 100mm f2.8 lens at ISO 400 and 1 second exposure. For the f7.5 telescope this would be 3 stops slower so I'm thinking that it would be an 8 second exposure. For the full moon, my previous shots thru the same telescope were at ISO400 and 1/250 second. Should I set the camera to auto and let it expose for the center spot or should I manually adjust the exposure over the course of the eclipse?

Lowell McCormick