Time, Temp & Positions for the Lunar Eclipse

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Time, Temp & Positions for the Lunar Eclipse

Post by Bsimon » Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:46 am

It will be cold and your mood and inclination for braving the cold may be affected one way or the other by the outcome of the Saints/Rams game this afternoon. In any event here is some time, temperature and position information for the eclipse this evening and early tomorrow morning.

Note - if observing from your yard and if you have relatively full yard coverage by trees, be aware of the height of the position of the Moon (altitude and azimuth) especially for the time the Moon transitions thru the umbral phase; while most should not be affected by this as the Moon is relatively high for all of the umbral phase, some could be affected. Check out the best position in your yard based upon the data given

Penumbral Phase starts at 8:36:29 (but very subtle, little to notice)

Partial Phase (beginning of Umbral phase) starts at 9:33;54 pm, Moon's altitude is 53.6 degrees, azimuth is 96.2 degrees (east). Temp is 42 degrees.

Full (beginning) starts at 10:41:17 pm, Moon's altitude is 67.4 degrees, azimuth is 110.3 degrees (east southeast). Temperature is 41 degrees.

Full (maximum) is at 11:12;14 pm, Moon's altitude is 73.2 degrees, azimuth is 122.2 degrees (southeast). Temperature is 41 degrees.

Full (end) starts at 11:43:15 pm, Moon's altitude is 78.0 degrees, azimuth is 143.6 degrees (southeast). Temperature is 40 degrees.

Partial Phase ends at 12:50:39 on 1/21, Moon's altitude is 77.2 degrees, azimuth is 221.0 degrees (southwest). Temperature is 39 degrees.

Penumbral Phase ends at 1:48:02 am on 1/21, not much of anything to see and it may be a degree or two colder.

Note that the "Real Feel" temperature will be about 5 degrees colder due to the wind. You may want to set up on the side of your home somewhat sheltered from the wind if that is possible.

Barry Simon

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