Spring Scrimmage begins in 3 Days

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Spring Scrimmage begins in 3 Days

Post by Bsimon » Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:26 am

The Deep South Spring Scrimmage begins in 3 days, this Thursday, at the White Horse Christian Retreat Camp.

As of this writing we have the following people attending -

Terry Clarke
Francine Clarke
Barry Simon
Len Philpot
Tim Mann
Lance Kannard
Richard Erbe
Ron Marcella
David Diaz
Scott Louque
Bill Johnson
Walter Sarrat
Gabe Dickens
Bruce Klein
Dana Klein
Mike Danielson
Angela Marshall

This is 17 people with 11 planning on being there Thursday, with 6 in bunks and the rest in tents or an rv. On Friday we will have 14 people there with 10 in bunks and the rest in tents, and on Saturday we will have 15 people there with 11 in bunks and 4 in tents. In addition we have a few more "maybe's" who I believe at this point their attendance is weather dependent.

Due to the fact that we only had a few people sign up for breakfast, White Horse will not be able to provide breakfast. I will issue refunds for those who paid for breakfast. No real problem really, the Country Diner is close by and it is open for breakfast and lunch. There will be a coffee pot set up in the main building with it being on the "honor system". White Horse will do a Snack Bar at night as they did last August and again in November for the Deep South. The Snack Bar will provide burgers, dogs, etc. so that can serve as dinner and the Snack Bar is pay as you go.

The Weather - everybody talks about it and no one can do a thing about it. Right now the forecast is looking mixed. Not the best of forecasts but not the worst either. Len Philpot and I briefly discussed the viability/possibility of pushing the Spring Scrimmage back again to the original dates (May 2nd to May 5th) if White Horse would be agreeable to that, but it never came to that. We both agreed that we cannot chase the possibility of better weather at another time because 1) We cannot be certain that we will have better weather at another time, and 2) Perhaps more importantly, the people who are planning on attending have made their plans with family and with work. While many may be flexible, some will not be flexible. If we get in the habit of moving dates, and we really already did this once for the Spring Scrimmage this year, that will not give anyone the confidence they need in knowing that once dates are set, they are set. We want everyone to know that dates will not be moved and especially for the larger star party in the fall, the Deep South, the dates that have been set (October 22nd thru the 27th) are the dates that we will hold the Deep South. So let's keep our fingers crossed, let's rub our rabbit's foot, etc., etc. and plan for clear skies in a few days.

Do look at the weather and especially the temperature to help you determine what you need to bring in respect to a sleeping bag, blankets, etc. For those in tents, if you like you can set up your tents on the floor of the barn.

Questions, let me know.


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