Rescheduled Spring Scrimmage - 10 days to go

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Rescheduled Spring Scrimmage - 10 days to go

Post by Bsimon » Mon Apr 22, 2019 5:28 pm

Thursday of next week, May 2nd will be the start of our rescheduled Spring Scrimmage. The 2nd is our "hard" date, there will be no more rescheduling of this event. As indicated earlier, for anyone that paid for meals (breakfast) I will have your partial refund waiting for you upon your arrival.

We did lose 4 attendees that had scheduled for April that cannot make the dates in May, they have received refunds. The refund date is now past and I have recommended to a few people interested in coming in May to hold off and to register on site if they decide to attend for one or more days and nights.

As of today we have 14 registered with the possibility of a few more registering on site. As of today the weather is generally looking good for our dates in May but 10 days out is pretty unreliable. Here's hoping the forecast improves even more as early May approaches.

Questions? Please ask.


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