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Outreach events and more Outreach events

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 8:31 pm
by Bjohnson
As we discussed at the PAS May Monthly meeting, we do have Outreach events scheduled this week.
We will have 2 North Shore Outreach events for the Library Summer Reading program kick off program. They are highlighting an Astronomy theme this year.

Friday May 24th at Slidell Library 555 Robert Blvd, 6PM - 9PM
Saturday May 25th Madisonville Library 1123 Main Street- 6PM - 9PM

Looking for several members to show up and assist with viewing. Either or both dates and locations.

Note that due to the times (determined by the library), we will be demonstrating the equipment, and looking at terrestrial objects until it gets dark enough to view actual objects. Mars will be low in the west around 8:30PM, (sets at 10:15PM) and we wont have a lot of WOW viewing, but we will do our best to see what is available.

This is a great opportunity to reach the younger audience and perhaps stir some interest.
Please post a reply if you can assist.

Re: Outreach events and more Outreach events- An outstanding event!

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 5:00 pm
by Bjohnson
Friday May 24th at Slidell Library 555 Robert Blvd, 6PM - 9PM
Saturday May 25th Madisonville Library 1123 Main Street- 6PM - 9PM

The two library events were a great success for the Library.
Friday night's event in Slidell had over 450 people attend. The library estimated at over 500. WOW!
Many thanks to New Member Jeff Best for being the only other PAS member to support Nanette and I at this event.
The kids were very excited to look through the telescopes and binoculars we had set up. it was a constant line of viewing from start to finish.
Parents were equally impressed, and we had quite a few inquiries about PAS, what we do, and about membership.

Saturday night in Madisonville was a bit less attendance, at close to 250 people, but still very successful.
Thanks to Bill Davis, Mike Danielson, Richard Erbe, and Jeff Best for coming out to this event, along with Nanette and myself. Again, many kids who were excited and thrilled to be able to look through telescopes, even though it did not get dark until close to the end of the event. Who knows which young minds may have had the initial spark to lead them into the world of Astronomy down the road a bit.

All in all, a very positive two day event for the PAS and some great connections to future outreach possibilities.

While I know the scheduling was not the best, being on Memorial Day Weekend, earlier in the evening than usual, and a weeknight, we could have used a bit more of a PAS turnout on Friday. I hope that future events will have a bit more of a showing from our members.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next event.

Bill Johnson
PAS President, 2018,2019