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DSSG XXXVII (37) is 6 weeks away

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 9:20 am
by Bsimon
Yes just 6 weeks and 3 days away.

Let me advise everyone to go back and read what has already been said about housing and meals, here and on the DSSG Message Board. -

We are in bunk houses, not individual rooms like what we had at the Feliciana Retreat Center. This is not necessarily a bad thing, the prices are lower, but you have to bring your own bedding and bath supplies - pillow, sleeping bag, sheets, blankets, towels, wash cloth, soap, etc. The bunks have matresses and I have slept well on them. The bunk houses have a/c and heat and you are much closer to the observing fields. You will not have privacy with the exception of two bunk rooms which I hold for couples that plan to stay for at least 4 nights. These are assigned when the appropriate registration form with payment is received by mail or hand delivery.

Bunk houses have 3 stack bunks, but I only assign one person per bunk with the exception of couples or parent and child. Bunk houses are filled one at a time as they do not want to a/c all bunkhouses with just a smattering of people in each.

Meals - two meals, breakfast and supper, starting at 4 pm on Tuesday and running to 9 am on Sunday. Meals are paid in advance. If we do not meet the minimum head count for any meal that meal or meals will be refunded. At the recent Labor Day event we just ate at mid day at the Country Diner and we had burgers, hot dogs or pizza at the evening Snack Bar that White Horse did. Pay as you go for the Snack Bar.

Skies - the skies are darker and more open at White Horse. At the recent Labor Day Weekend event I got readings of 21.80 on my Sky Quality Meter. This equates to a Bortle 3 sky with a naked eye limiting magnitude of 6.55, and this was in August. If weather permits, we should do even better in late October.

Please be aware of the registration fee increase and meal reservation deadline on the Registration Form, already posted at the DSSG Message Board.

Questions? Post them here.

Barry Simon, Director
Deep South Star Gaze

Re: DSSG XXXVII (37) is 6 weeks away

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:27 am
by Bsimon
Note - I will probably not be at the September meeting so if anyone needs a registration form please contact me with your email and I will email you a copy of the necessary forms.

Barry Simon

Re: DSSG XXXVII (37) is 6 weeks away

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:24 am
by Bsimon
Looks like I will be at the September meeting unless we get the call that our youngest daughter has gone into labor and if so, we are off to Dallas. I will have a few DSSG registration forms for those that may need one. (Please print your own if you can.)

Ok, now we are under 6 weeks away from the beginning of the 37th Annual Deep South Star Gaze (starts October 22nd). Registrations are coming in. Mostly for tent campers and rv'ers so far.

As all should know, the sleeping arrangements at White Horse are generally not as private as what we got accustomed to at the Feliciana Retreat Center. We have bunk houses which are nice but are of little consolation to those that got used to private rooms. There are two bunk rooms at White Horse which can be used and reserved by a couple. These are available to married couples who plan on staying for 3 nights or longer. One is already reserved and the other is still available. I will not hold it for anyone based upon a promise to register. I will only release it when I have the registration form and payment in hand. I suspect that some couple will grab it by the end of this week.

Barry Simon