Deep South Spring Scrimmage

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Deep South Spring Scrimmage

Post by Bsimon » Sat Jan 30, 2021 11:16 am

I talked about this briefly last night during the PAS Zoom meeting. Here is an overview of what we may be able to do -

Tentatively the Spring Scrimmage is penciled in for Wednesday, May 5th to Sunday, May 9th. That date could change, more below.

The Spring Scrimmage is informal - no registration fee, no registration form (per se). Last year, just 2 months into the COVID Pandemic we only had 9 attendees and 2 of those were just afternoon visitors with no overnite stay. If there is interest and we have good weather on our dates I would hope that those that have told me they will attend will show up. I cannot guarantee numbers to Carol at White Horse but I can hope that commitments that have been made will be honored. If she can only get 2 or 3 people in a bunkhouse that really does not cover her expenses. If some are in rv's, campers, etc. That is ok too.

I said the date is tentative in that if it looks a few days out that we are going to have exceptional weather for the earlier new moon cycle in April and if there is strong interest with a few days notice, we may elect to do something then. Thursday April 8th to Sunday the 11th. We could actually do something both months if the weather is good. Could be two different groups at both with maybe some overlap of attendees. In any event this or these events will not be large. I would suspect 12 to 15 attendees at most.

What will you be able to get at White Horse? A place to plug in if you are in an rv or camper and a bunk if you want that (bring your own bedding). Toilet and showers available too. I suspect we would be on our own for food, Cost of bunks and rv space would be $35 per night. We would have access to the main building and we do have a cell phone signal and we will have internet, plus the good skies and low horizons of White Horse.

COVID - some of us are now getting our vaccines. (I currently have my first dose in with one to go.) It is likely that some potential attendees will not have had any vaccine by April or May. We have to be careful. We were far too cavalier during the Deep South Star Gaze in respect to mask wearing. Luckily no one (as far as I know) got sick as a result of their attendance. We had a registration of 55. So if you plan to attend but do not want to abide by the rules when in doors, please do not come. Even those of us that have been vaccinated should continue with the mask wearing when indoors for the foreseeable future. No mask required outdoors, but be careful.

If interested and likely able to attend for one or more nights, please let me know.

Barry Simon

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Re: Deep South Spring Scrimmage

Post by Kbirkle » Wed Feb 03, 2021 6:37 pm

Barry, I'm hoping to attend with my wife on one of the days. I usually am tied up with Jazz Fest, but that will not be happening until October if NOLA permits it. Hope it all works out!

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