DSSG 37 - More Information

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DSSG 37 - More Information

Post by Bsimon » Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:39 am

Yes, 37 continuous years dating all the way back to 1983. Our event is the oldest annually held star party in the southeastern United States. We have been able to do this because of our combination of amenities and dark skies. Last fall was our first "Deep South" at the White Horse Christian Retreat Camp. This location is about 3 miles west of Mississippi Hwy 35 about 10 miles south of Columbia, MS and 22 miles north of Bogalusa, LA. At this location we enjoy (on the best of nights) Bortle 3 skies with a NELM of 6.6 to 6.7. In addition this site has good horizons which gives us a well placed Omega Centaurus when we do our smaller "Spring Scrimmage" in April.

"White Horse" is used as a summer camp so it has bunk houses, bathrooms, etc. It also has a game room with two pool tables, a dart board, foosball and air hockey. In the main building, used for meals, "White Horse" offers meal service and this is also where your internet connection will be best. Outside there is plenty of room to set up and there are five 30 amp outlets set up for rv or camper use. There are other outlets that can be used, given long extension lines if anyone wants to run a mount on ac power.

The Deep South will run from Tuesday, October 22nd to Sunday, October 27th. For this year's DSSG I have been contacted by Rex Allen McDaniel (Rex's AstroStuff. Rex has not attended any star party since about 2010 when he attended his last star party at the DSSG. His schedule now permits attendance at star parties and he wants the DSSG to be his first. I am posting a photo of Rex with his wares, so here is an extra perk that will be available to all at the DSSG in October.

In addition we will be doing a somewhat informal Labor Day Weekend Star Party which will run from Friday, August 30th to Monday, September 1st. Details and pictures for both events can be found at: http://dssg.boards.net/

Any questions, let me know.

Barry Simon, Director
Deep South Star Gaze

Rex at the 2007 DSSG

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