6" f/8 Celestron Refractor For Sale

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6" f/8 Celestron Refractor For Sale

Post by Jhuerkamp » Sat Sep 21, 2019 7:23 am

I have too many scopes and am downsizing my inventory. I had a machine shop machine an adapter plate so I could attach an Apogee UHDC Crayford focuser to the OTA and then I had the shop modify the focuser shaft to accept a JMI electric focuser. The focuser has a potentiometer to allow varying the speed from slow to fast, and the direction of focus is via two pushbuttons. This allows focusing without having to touch the scope.

Since the OTA was nose heavy, I fabricated an "All-in-One" similar to what Ken Dauzat use to make for the scope out of a piece of 6" aluminum conduit. It has two rings for hanging the electric focuser and it has a finderscope hotshoe made by Ken. There is no finderscope with the scope however.

I also have a fiberglass TOW missile case for the scope. The only problem is that the foam over the ages had gotten soft and I have to wrap the OTA with a towel to keep the foam pieces from getting into everything.

The Celestron OTA lists for about $600 new. Considering all the modifications made, I am asking $400 for everything.

As a side note, the optics in this refractor are excellent. At a past DSRSG, a fellow club member compared views of 36 Andromedae (a binary star system) with an Astro Physics StarFire refractor that was set up close by, and he said that except for a slight color difference, the two scopes were similar in performance.

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