The DSSG begins 3 weeks from today

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The DSSG begins 3 weeks from today

Post by Bsimon » Tue Oct 01, 2019 8:11 am

Today is October 1st - a psychologically uplifting day for me as it heralds the rapid approach of cooler weather (hopefully) and the nearness of the Deep South Star Gaze. Now in it's 37th year, most of the past DSSG's have been held in October, typically after mid-month. It all depends upon when "New Moon" falls. (about 1/3rd of them have been held in November and a handful have straddled October/November).

The trend with many star parties is a downward trend in registration for a variety of reasons - fewer younger people joining our ranks, the weather the past few years, and perhaps the location. Let me assure all that our new venue - the White Horse Christian Center has many advantages over our past venues. Chief of which is the improvement in how dark the night skies are and the lower horizons. The view is more immersive. Additionally the proximity to where you will bed down for the night and just hang out during the day is a big plus.

In respect to the weather - hopefully (and statistically) we are still 3 weeks out and a lot should happen over the next 3 weeks in terms of falling temperatures. As I said in a previous post, temperature highs of high 70's to low 80's should be typical during the day with low's that could be in the 50's, maybe even the high 40's overnight.

Just a reminder - early registration ends on October 11th, not this Friday but the following Friday. Registrations received/postmarked after that date go from $25.00 per individual to $45.00 and family registration goes from $35.00 to $60.00. So look over your options on the registration form and get your registrations in now. Additionally while I do not think we will run out of bunkhouse space, when I fill up bunkhouses (I only assign people to bottom bunks in each bunkhouse) I then start filling up other bunkhouses. Note - we will not be spread out with low numbers in each bunkhouse. So if anyone is later than last year in getting your registration in they may be in a different bunkhouse. As of now the west side of the main bunkhouse is full and the next group of registrants will be assigned to the east side of the main bunkhouse.

I am feeling the affect of printer cartridge sticker shock. 4 cartridges for a color printer, which I just had to replace, cost about $200.00. That is why I print very few. I had some at our last meeting and 3 or 4 people asked for one. I still have a few left but if anyone waits until the meeting to get one you are already at the deadline when prices are going up and you run the risk of having all of them taken by other people before you can get one. There is a link on the DSSG Message Board to the Registration Form. You can go to that link and open and print your own form. I am able to load JPeg images of the Registration Form here.

So word for the wise - if you are planning on attending, please get your registrations in now!

Barry Simon
2019 Reg 1.jpg
2019 DSSG Reg. Form page 1
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2019 DSSG Reg. Form page 2
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2019 DSSG Reg. Form page 3

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