Astro Stuff for Sale - Plenty of it!

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Astro Stuff for Sale - Plenty of it!

Post by Bsimon » Sun Nov 24, 2019 9:49 am

I have too much stuff and most of it goes unused for long periods of time. We are also beginning to think about downsizing so I need to start thinking more about what I am using and what I am not. I really hate to part with some of my toys, but I have to be more practical. What I have will give someone younger and fairly new to the hobby an excellent opportunity to purchase some really great equipment at a really nice price. These prices are good prices so no negotiation on anything just yet, maybe later.

Meade LX 200 12 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain Tube assembly (f/10) with a 50 mm finder and Losmandy dovetails top and bottom. This scope is in excellent optical, cosmetic and mechanical condition. Also comes with metal dewshield. Asking --------------------------------------------------$700.00

Losmandy G11 equatorial mount with adjustable tripod, motor drives on both axis, digital setting circles, polar scope with wireless illuminator and has 4 original type Losmandy 11 lb. counterweights. Asking -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1400.00

Want both of the above? Asking ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1950.00

Antares 5" (127 mm) f/9.4 achromatic refractor with tube rings and 50 mm finder. Focal length is 1200 mm which is the same as 6" f/8 achromats but as the objective size is 5", not 6", and as the f/ratio is f/9.4, not f/8, the color correction is much better. Asking --------------------$325.00

Celestron CGem mount. With adjustable tripod and a rolling Husky case for the equatorial head. Mount has Go To ------------------$750.00

Want both the Antares 5" and the CGem mount? Asking ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$1000.00

Looking for something? Let me know. I have other equipment also willing to sell but not yet listed.

Barry Simon

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