Observing Weekends for 2020

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Observing Weekends for 2020

Post by Bsimon » Sun Dec 22, 2019 1:48 pm

FYI - Upon opening my new OBSERVER'S HANDBOOK 2020 to the inside back cover to look at the 2020 calendar for good observing weekend's for the year, I was surprised to see that there was no 2020 calendar. Instead of having both the calendar for the "issue" year and the next year, this book skipped 2020 completely going instead to calendars for 2021 and 2022. (I did verify that it was not just a year/title misprint as the previous 2019 handbook had 2020 as it's second year and that 2020 calendar, which is correct, did not match the 2021 calendar in the 2020 handbook.) In any event I was able to look at a correct calendar to determine good observing weekends for 2020.

So here are dates beginning with a Friday and ending with a Sunday for observing weekends, if an alternate weekend seems logical they are included as well. New Moon dates are also included.

January - 24th to the 26th New Moon on the 24th Alternate - 17th to the 19th

February - 21st to the 23rd New Moon on the 23rd

March - 20th to the 22nd New Moon on the 24th Alternate - 27th to the 29th

April - 24th to the 26th New Moon on the 23rd Alternate - 17th to the 19th

May - 22nd to the 24th New Moon on the 22nd Alternate - 15th to the 17th

June - 19th to the 21st New Moon on the 21st

July - 17th to the 19th New Moon on the 20th Alternate - 24th to the 26th

August - 14th to the 16th New Moon on the 19th Alternate - 21st to the 23rd

Sept. - 18th to the 20th New Moon on the 17th Alternate - 11th to the 13th

October - 16th to the 18th New Moon on the 16th Alternate - 9th to the 11th

Nov. - 13th to the 15th New Moon on the 15th

Dec. - 11th to the 13th New Moon on the 14th Alternate - 18th to the 20th

Note - the 38th Annual Deep South Star Gaze is scheduled for November 10th to the 15th.

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