Program for the February Meeting

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Program for the February Meeting

Post by Bsimon » Wed Feb 05, 2020 5:10 pm

The latest issue of PAS Times did not have anything about the program for the February meeting which is this Friday, the 7th.

The program will be "Observing Southern Skies - the Night Sky from south of the Equator"

This program was prompted by a recent trip my wife and I along with 8 other friends and family took to Australia and New Zealand. At these locations we were between 36 degrees and 46 degrees south latitude. At these low declinations objects which are very low on our southern horizon, let's say just 10 degrees up are basically now at the zenith. Objects in our northern sky such as Polaris and the Big Dipper are not seen as they are now below the northern horizon throughout the year. Much of what is viewed at about a 45 degree elevation in our southern sky are now at about the same height but now in the northern sky and from our perspective, now appear to be upside down - "Very Confusing". In any event I will show a brief travelogue of our trip plus some pictures of the night sky.

I will also take a few minutes to graphically show just how much Betelgeuse has dimmed in recent months. I will share speculation about what is expected with Betelgeuse in weeks to come.

Barry Simon
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Re: Program for the February Meeting

Post by Kbirkle » Mon Feb 24, 2020 10:31 am

Sorry Barry, I did not receive any program information by the PAS Times Deadline. Sometimes information about the program will be in the president's message.

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