Follow-up to the February Meeting Program

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Follow-up to the February Meeting Program

Post by Bsimon » Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:33 am

Two points actually -

1) Betelgeuse dimming and what it might mean - bottom line, like the weather, the forecast is uncertain. Here is an article from "" that expands upon the discussion: ... rnova.html

2) Dates for the Deep South Spring Scrimmage - set now for Thursday April 23rd to Sunday April 26th. This gives us potentially 3 nights for observing. I know there is a lot going on during the time frame of these dates - a club outreach event, the first week of Jazz Fest, and individual plans by club members (this is a constant). We will see. We have the advantage of flexibility in that like last year if the weather is looking truly bad our hosts at White Horse are willing to let us push back one month to mid-May. That worked very much to our advantage last year. I will have registration forms out soon. Note - technically there is no registration fee, all you will be paying for is a lodging fee (includes bathroom use).

Questions - let me know.

Barry Simon

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