Post processing help, PixInsight users or other?

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Post processing help, PixInsight users or other?

Post by Jbest » Sat Jul 11, 2020 4:13 pm

I mentioned during last night's meeting that I was looking for some post processing help so here I am.
First, a little background on my journey into AP:

Been a little over 2-years since purchasing my first camera. Resold it after about a year as I was gifted a Canon EOS 7D (unmodified) which I'm now using as my primary deep sky imager. Also have a ZWO-ASI224MC I've used for lunar & planetary. Currently using it as my guider. Both are mostly being used on an 8" astrograph Newtonian (F3.9).

Have learned a ton & feel pretty confident with capture process including calibration frames
Guiding with PHD2 & dithering after each image
Plate-solving with Astro-tortilla
Capturing with BYEOS or APT
Using a couple of different planetarium apps to drive scope
Just recently completed setting up a mini-PC to remotely operate my scope while I'm inside away from the skeeters 8-)
Stacking using Deep Sky Stacker

Have gone on a "world Tour" in my quest for Post Processing software....won't list them all but currently have a trial license for PixInsight.
Purchased 2-books which both have pretty good coverage of PixInsight.

So what am I looking for? Validation that my process approach is sound by looking at my latest capture.

To accomplish this, would someone more experienced be willing to take my linear stack & postprocess it?
Preferably using PixInsight but whichever tools you use would be great.
Don't expect you to spend days on this but a little noise reduction & gradient removal would tell me a lot as I'm struggling with getting good results from those tools.

Of course these are just snipets so we'll figure out a way to exchange the 701 MB stack ............ Thanks for reading!
Stack of 60 x 60 second subs (1-hour total)
Quick stretch & crop - nothing else
Jeff Best
PAS Secretary

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