Morgus has passed at age 90

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Morgus has passed at age 90

Post by Bsimon » Fri Aug 28, 2020 10:20 pm

In case some of you have not heard this yet.

Here is an article (obit) - ... b81b9.html

Morgus (Sid Noel Rideau) was in some ways intertwined with the PAS. I believe Walter Sarrat had a business relationship with him.

In addition "Morgus" needed some telescope props for a show he filmed in 1988 or 1989. Kevin Kratzberg with his C-14 and me, with my Meade 8" Schmidt- Cassegrain, provided these telescopes which were featured in the episode filmed. We were able to sit in on the filming which covered two weekend nights, beginning after the 10 pm news finished and those cameras could be used at Channel 6 (WDSU). A lot of the action and dialogue in each wrap around episode was improvised on the fly. Sid Noel could do that. At one point he need to draw a perfect circle on the blackboard. How to do that? He finally had one of the crew drill a small hole in the blackboard thru which he threaded a small length of monofilament line which was attached to the chalk. So when he picked it up and pulled it tight he could scribe a perfect circle.

Great guy! He was also "Wild Bill Watson".

The first meeting of the PAS was on 1/2/59 and the first Morgus episode was on 1/3/59.

Rest in Peace Dr. Morgus.

Barry Simon

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