DSSG Registrations running ahead of pace

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DSSG Registrations running ahead of pace

Post by Bsimon » Sun Sep 20, 2020 8:49 am

DSSG 38 registrations are running well ahead of last year's pace. As of yesterday (Saturday, 9/19) when we were 7.5 weeks out from the start of the DSSG our registration count was 20. Last year we only had 17 when we were 3 weeks out.

As told several times now we have a lower limit on what we are willing to have as a registration limit in the bunk houses. We are doing this so that we can maintain good spacing in the bunk houses. That is life in 2020 in this year of pandemics, hurricanes and civil disobedience.

If you are planning on attending and if you want to assure that you get a bunk, now is the time to register. Once we hit our bunk house limit that is it. Your only option then will be to tent camp, use an rv or camper or sleep overnight in your vehicle or stay off-site. Please note that there are fees for all of these too. For those sleeping in a vehicle or staying off-site, there is still a $10.00 day use fee which is paid by us directly to White Horse. This is in addition to the registration fee.

Here is a list of our attendees so far -

Registrations are now up to 20 as of mail received today, see list below -

1 Miele, John

2 Gaddy, Kenneth

3 Simon, Barry

4 Morris, Joseph

5 Brocksmith, Donald

6 Walter, Matt

7 Withrow, Kate

8 Wright, Steven

9 Best, Jeff

10 Roberts, Corey

11 Hale, David

12 Kern, David

13 Kern, Clariza

14 Smith, Forrest

15 Philpot, Len

16 Sarrat, Walter

17 Martinez, John

18 Siekmann, Vicki

19 Shirkey, Bryan

20 Harrison, Steve

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