Successful PEMPro Users

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Successful PEMPro Users

Post by Jhuerkamp » Tue Mar 02, 2021 3:24 pm

Are there any club members who have used either PEMPro V2 or PEMPro V3 successfully to generate a PEC Curve for their mount? If so, what camera did you use?

The reason I ask is I got V2 with my AP mount, but when I changed out controllers from the one that came with the mount, with the factory generated PEC curve for the newer V4 control box, I lost the curve. I tried generating a new one using PEMPro V2 and then V3 without success.

If you have successfully used PEMPro, I would appreciate hearing back from you. I can be reached at

Yours truly,

Jack Huerkamp

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