Deep South Spring Scrimmage Sign Up

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Deep South Spring Scrimmage Sign Up

Post by Bsimon » Wed Mar 10, 2021 2:47 pm

Sign up forms for the upcoming Deep South Spring Scrimmage are available on the Deep South Message Board @

They can be found in the board for the Spring Scrimmage.

This year's dates run from Tuesday May 4th to Sunday May 9th. An additional day was added on the front end because some may have to leave early with Mother's Day being on May 9th.

There is strong interest in the Spring Scrimmage this year partially because some other events are being cancelled because of COVID 19. On the sign up forms we do ask if you have received your COVID 19 vaccine yet. You are not obligated to have received one (or two) but your bunk house assignment if requesting that will be determined by your vaccination status. If vaccinated you will be in a bunkhouse only with others who have been vaccinated. If you have not been vaccinated and you request a bunkhouse assignment you will be in a bunkhouse with others who have not been vaccinated.

Questions? Let me know.

Barry Simon

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