Spring Scrimmage - Now 2 Weeks Away

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Spring Scrimmage - Now 2 Weeks Away

Post by Bsimon » Mon Apr 19, 2021 2:16 pm

This was in the April PAStimes, but as the print was small and there were no paragraph breaks I am printing it here.

Deep South Spring Scrimmage – 2021

The Spring Scrimmage this year will run for a total of 5 nights from Tuesday, May 4th to Sunday, May 9th. As we had requests for a longer run and as Sunday, May 9th is Mother’s Day we are starting on a Tuesday this year as some may be leaving on Saturday to make it home for Mother’s Day.

As it has been for years, the Spring Scrimmage is informal - no registration fee (although there is a registration form). There are no planned programs and meal service will be limited. The Spring Scrimmage is even more laid back than the fall Deep South Star Gaze and the attendance is lower. Typical Spring Scrimmage attendance is about 20 to 30. While there is no registration fee, we do have a form that needs to be completed if you plan on attending and there are costs. Costs primarily is for lodging at the White Horse Christian Retreat Camp. Bunk space is available and those with rv’s or campers can stay in those. Some may elect to tent camp. There is also a day use fee for those who plan on coming up to visit and observe and then leave on the same day (night). I have so far received confirmation/payment from11 people who plan on attending. As registrations come in I assign registrants to the appropriate bunk house (if staying in one).

On the registration form we are asking all attendees to indicate if they have had their COVID vaccination yet. Those that have are assigned to the newer (and nicer) bunk house where I can safely fill each half of that bunk house to it’s capacity of 7 registrants per side (14 total). This bunk house also has it’s own bathroom with 3 showers, 4 wash basins and 3 toilets. For those that have not had their vaccination and who request bunk space, you will be assigned to a bunk house for those who have not had vaccinations. I will not fill these bunk houses all the way, as I am trying to spread you out. These bunk houses do not have their own bathroom. You will have to use the separate bath house.

There are some smaller bunk rooms to which I have assigned couples who have already registered. None of these rooms are still available. Feel free to request one and if one opens up due to a cancellation I will notify you in the order that registrations are received.

For any staying in a bunk – bring your own bedding including pillows. In the bathroom you will need to bring your towel, wash cloth, soap, etc.
For those in rv’s, campers and tents - You should have a place to plug in. I suspect we would be on our own for food. Carol can do a snack bar in the evening – hamburgers, sandwiches, chips, etc. Pay as you go. If numbers are high enough we may be able to purchase a more complete dinner. Prepare to fend for yourselves for other meals. There are restaurant options nearby. Cost of bunks and rv space are $35 per night. We will have access to the main building and we do have a cell phone signal and we will have internet, plus the good skies and low horizons of White Horse.

For the Deep South Star Gaze last November we had a registration of 55 and to the best of my knowledge no one in attendance contracted or spread COVID. While we are not requiring mask wearing please wear one if you are comfortable with it. Let’s keep everyone safe. We especially recommend wearing a mask in the main building. If you are sick please stay home.

Note – the large, large majority of star parties around the US were cancelled in 2020. Again in 2021 many have cancelled primarily due to state regulations at state parks concerning attendance limits and due to concerns at whatever venue they were scheduled to be held. I suspect this will continue for awhile. We will have room to spread out and enjoy the sky at White Horse.

Once again, one of the great wonders of the spring sky is the great globular cluster – Omega Centaurus which is well seen from White Horse as we have low horizons. Our skies are Bortle 4, but very close to the Bortle 3 boundary, so for the eastern United States, our skies are dark.

Note – be aware that there is a “Day Use Fee” for those just coming up for the day and evening. This gives you access to the main building, the bath house, a place to set up equipment and if a plug is still available, a place to plug in. There will be windows of opportunity to depart at night. Light rules will still be in force and if you are planning on departing at night you cannot set up equipment on the Arena Field. All fees collected are turned over to the White Horse Christian Retreat Camp.

If interested and likely able to attend for one or more nights, please let me know. See the registration form.

Barry Simon, Director
Deep South Star Gaze/Deep South Spring Scrimmage

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