Numbers and Weather for next week (Spring Scrimmage)

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Numbers and Weather for next week (Spring Scrimmage)

Post by Bsimon » Sun Apr 25, 2021 1:20 pm

I just looked at the AccuWeather forecast for next week (Tuesday, May 4th thru Sunday, May 9th) and while admittedly the first date is 9 days away and Sunday the 9th is 14 days away, it gives us something to look at. With two exceptions at this point everyone who has registered/sent their payments in are all staying for less than 5 nights. Only Mike Danielson and I are in for all 5 nights and Tuesday the 4th is not looking good at this time. Of course this can change, but my thought right now is that we take Tuesday off the board and just go with Wednesday to Sunday. Others, yet to register, that have told me that they plan to attend, may think otherwise so I want to give everyone thru this Tuesday to think about this and let me know what your plans are. If your registration is in the mail that is fine. I will see what you are planning on doing and will be back in touch with you if needed. If indeed others are planning on arriving Tuesday, that is fine, we can keep it on the schedule. Might be a good time to just get away and relax.

Additionally we have plenty of space in bunk houses, including the nicer bunk house which is reserved for those that have had their Covid-19 vaccines. Being vaccinated will allow us to fill that bunk house to capacity (7 lower bunks on each side of the bathroom, so 14 bunks all together.) We use the middle bunks above the lower ones as our personal storage space, and the upper bunks are just a distant memory of our childhood. Other bunk rooms will be for attendees that have indicated that they have not had their vaccines yet or do not intend to get them. We can underfill those bunkrooms. Please indicate your vaccination status on the registration form.

So right now, what I would like everyone to do that have indicated either in writing or email that they do intend to come to let me know via email or here if that is still true and what days. I do need to call Carol at White Horse by Wednesday to let her know how many she can expect. That is important because she can do a snack bar in the evening with burgers, hot dogs and similar food and snacks.

If I do not hear from you, I am not going to guess at what your plans are, I will just assume you are not coming. I will give Carol a headcount based upon what I know, not what my guess is.


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