June 10th Annular Solar Eclipse Questions

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June 10th Annular Solar Eclipse Questions

Post by Bsimon » Sat Jun 05, 2021 9:13 am

As many may know, there is an Annular Solar Eclipse which takes place on June 10th (next Thursday). An Annular Eclipse is one where the Moon in it's orbit is a bit further away from Earth so that it appears smaller. So even when directly between us and the Sun the disc of the Moon does not completely block the Sun. We see a ring of sunlight (an "Annulus").

So I have been getting a few questions about this - Basically where do I have to go to see it and how do I see it safely? This prompted me to look up some specific information. Here is my reply to one of the non-astronomy friends who asked:

"The Moon moves in front of the Sun before both rise in New Orleans on June 10th. The Moon moves "off" the Sun at approximately 5:25 am and sunrise is not until 5:59 am so we will not see it from here. Fly to northern Greenland if you want to see it."

While some parts of the extreme northeast portions of the United States will be in position to see some of the eclipse you will need proper filtration and it will likely not be noticed without optical aid except right at sunrise. Nowhere in the United States will see a complete Annulus. The best place to be to see the complete "Annulus" will be northern Greenland.

Barry Simon

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