November Deep South Star Gaze

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November Deep South Star Gaze

Post by Bsimon » Sat Jul 03, 2021 2:01 pm

I noticed recently toward the end of our latest "PasTimes" now available for viewing on-line on this website, that the upcoming 39th Annual Deep South Star Gaze is listed as "tentative". I have no idea where the "tentative" label came from. It is certainly not "tentative", it is "confirmed" and the dates are Tuesday November 2nd to Sunday November 7th, 2021. The Deep South Star Gaze last year became the oldest continuous annual star party in the United States (and maybe the world) as the few that were older than us either cancelled for 2020 and in some cases again in 2021 or ended completely. ("Continuous" meaning without a break, without a cancelled year.)

FYI - the one negative we have with the White Horse Retreat Center where the DSSG has been held since 2018, is the accommodations for couples. There are two small bunk rooms that I designate for couples. In addition there are a few other rooms that could be used for couples if their use is not necessary for others (typically for others should the main bunk house fill up or for use as a dedicated "female only" bunk room). Accordingly the only fair way to assign the two bunk rooms that I have at White Horse is to mandate that:

1) Any couple requesting it has to reserve all 5 nights of the DSSG, and in addition, be -

2) The 1st or 2nd reservation received with paperwork completed and payment attached.

I will announce in advance when the registration forms will be available on line on the DSSG message board located at: The forms can be printed from there and then mailed or hand delivered to me. Note - if no one wants to reserve for 5 nights, the selection then goes in order to a couple wanting 4 nights, then 3 nights, etc.

There are other options, just a bit less convenient. There is a reasonably priced motel in Columbia, MS. Some couples will tent camp and some will bring an rv or camper. Registration forms will become available sometime in the late August to early September time frame.

Barry Simon

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