Perseid Meteor Shower at White Horse Retreat Center

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Perseid Meteor Shower at White Horse Retreat Center

Post by Bsimon » Sat Jul 24, 2021 9:29 pm

The Perseid Meteor Shower (with a typical ZHR/Zenith Hourly Rate of about 60 to 70 per hour) is favorable this year in respect to the Moon phase. Predicted best nights will be after midnight on Thursday morning, August 12th, followed by Friday morning, August 13th and finally Saturday morning, August 14th. On those nights the Moon will be setting between about 9:45 pm on the night of the 11th and 10:45 pm on the 13th. As the radiant in Perseus doesn't break the horizon until about 11:30 pm, the Moon does not interfere with the Perseids.

Anyway we have made an arrangement with the White Horse Retreat Center to use the facilities there in the event that we have clear skies on one (or all of these nights). Fees that have been in place for the Deep South Star Gaze and the Deep South Spring Scrimmage will be in place for this opportunity.

In discussion with Carol at White Horse I explained to her that this would very much be weather dependent and we would not know if each evening would be good until maybe each morning. We are not expecting any meal service, just the opportunity to use the facility and it's ammenities - bunkhouses, bathrooms and, of course, the fields.

At the PAS meeting on Friday night, July 23rd, we had 9 attendees that expressed interest in attending at least one night. I anticipate that at least a few more people that are PAS members who could not attend the meeting will be interested in attending this "meteor shower party". Additionally we may have a few more people who are regular Deep South Star Gaze attendees who would like to attend.

So this is how it will work, and to be realistic, August weather is iffy, warm (if not hot) and humid. I am personally not comfortable in making a decision to go until maybe close to mid day on Wednesday the 11th for that night, and if not looking good on Wednesday, going thru the same routine on Thursday the 12th, and then Friday the 13th. If good on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, I likely will leave on Thursday. I will be bringing much less in the way of equipment in comparison to what I do for the fall Deep South Star Gaze.

Bunk assignments - pretty much first come, first serve, there are two rooms that we typically use for couples. If a couple shows up 1st on Wednesday, and they need a couples bunk room, they have it. There are no reservations in advance.

Admittedly I am open to suggestions as to how to best work this. It may be that Wednesday and Thursday will not be favorable and this activity cannot be done until Friday night/Saturday morning and maybe not at all.

More info to follow.

Barry Simon

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