Deep South Star Gaze begins in 12 days

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Deep South Star Gaze begins in 12 days

Post by Bsimon » Thu Oct 21, 2021 7:15 am

4 of the 5 spots where rv's or campers can plug in are taken. After the one remaining spot is taken any additional registrants with an rv or camper will have to operate on sell contained power. (Generators are permitted during the day but not at night if clear.)

In the bunkhouses we have plenty of space but we are just about full in the most modern and well appointed bunkhouse immediately behind the main building. Some that are tentatively assigned to this bunkhouse could be bumped by others not yet registered if new registrants sign up for more days in the bunkhouse, typically for 4 or 5 nights. Bunkhouse assignments will be "locked in" by the middle of next week.

I still have one room left that can be used by a couple. As I said before, it will be assigned once I receive the registration paper work.

An afternoon meal will be served each day at 4 pm. This meal will cost $12.00. It will include a main course, salad, dessert, and tea. If you have not done so, please reply back and let me know you want the meal and for what day or days. If you have not registered yet, please pencil that info on to your registration form.

I neglected to cut off early registration 10 days out from the first day of the DSSG. Basically what that meant was that registration was $35 up to that day which this year would have been 10/23. Had I remembered to include that on the registration form, it would have also meant that after that day registration would go to $45.00 per person. No changing that now, it will have to wait until next year. For those who have not yet registered please please please let me know what your meal status is as I need to advise Carol on just how much food she needs to order. I only have limited flexibility to add additional meals if some decide once they get there to attempt to purchase a meal.

Questions? Ask them here.


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