The Upcoming Jupiter - Saturn Conjunction

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The Upcoming Jupiter - Saturn Conjunction

Post by Bsimon » Wed Sep 23, 2020 12:03 pm

How much magnification (on a steady telescope) would most say it takes to clearly say "I see Saturn's rings"? Personally I would say it should take about 35x give or take. At above 50x it should be easily obvious given a good night and good eyepiece/scope combination.

With my TMB SS 130 (910 mm focal length), I get 35x with a 26 mm Nagler. That magnification will give me a 2.34 degree field of view, so I should be able to get both Saturn and Jupiter into the same eyepiece field of view by about December 2nd or 3rd with Saturn's rings visible. A 22 Nagler will give me 41x and a 2 degree field so by the 8th I should be able to see both together. A 12 Nagler Type 4 will give me 76x so both in the same field by 12/11 or 12/12 when Saturn & Jupiter are within a degree of each other. A 12 mm ES 92 will give a more comfortable view with a bit of border around both planets.

The show is not really good yet as the angular spacing continues to improve so if I look at Saturn & Jupiter during a 3 day period centered on 12/21 I can use my I-Optron 150 mm f/12 Mak with it's 1800 mm of focal length. With the premium 12 mm eyepieces I get 150x in this scope and both eyepieces yield a field of better than a half degree, so both planets have plenty of room to swim is such a relatively broad expanse of sky. Shoot, even a 7 mm Nagler will give me 257x and a field diameter of 18.6 arc minutes so in and close to 12/21, both planets make it easily in the same high power view. Social distancing and all, do you think they should be wearing masks?

Barry Simon
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